13 Fun Facts About SVM E-Marketing Solutions

online marketing fun
  1. SVM stands for “Sound and Vision Media.”
  2. Our name changed 4 times since our founding: Sound & Vision Media → SVMedia → SVM E-Business Solutions → SVM E-Marketing Solutions. This name change really shows how we’ve evolved from a technology company designed to help businesses leverage the Internet in new ways, to a company designed to help businesses use the Internet specifically for marketing success.
  3. Our first logo was very different from what we have now:  


  4. When SVM was founded in 1995, there were under 3,000 Websites.
  5. Since SVM is located in New Jersey, we have access to some of the best bagels, ever. Some of the best mornings happen when Bob stops at Hole Lot of Bagels in Red Bank.
  6. Bob DeStefano was a strategic planner for Dean Witter and spear headed the development of their first website.
  7. SVM’s Account Management team meets at 10am every Monday morning for our own “Sprint” meeting to discuss our clients needs and priorities.
  8. We have a fun room in the office with colorful bean bag chairs, a ping-pong table as well as a working treadmill.
  9. Our company has operated on every technology from 56K modems to wireless broadband.
  10. We have jolly ranchers on the kitchen table for everyone but there are never any reds (cherry) left because they are Bob's favorite.
  11. Our first office was a PO Box in Princeton, NJ.
  12. SVM runs on Dunkin'! Christina drinks iced tea on a daily basis, Bob stops in every morning for a medium coffee and we also have Dunkin' Donuts K-Cups for our whole office to enjoy.
  13. We donate to local schools via DonorsChoose.org. We gave printer ink to one school that didn’t have a working printer and got some pretty cute thank you notes in return.