22 Fun Facts About SVM E-Marketing Solutions

1. There are 22 facts on this list, because SVM is celebrating its 22nd birthday this year!

2. SVM stands for “Sound and Vision Media”.

3. Our name changed 4 times since our founding: Sound & Vision Media → SVMedia → SVM E-Business Solutions → SVM E-Marketing Solutions.

4. Look at how our logo has changed from then to now:

SVM Logos

5. When SVM was founded in 1995, there were under 3,000 Websites. Now there are over 1 billion URL’s registered… Wow!

6. Bob DeStefano, president of SVM E-Marketing Solutions, was a strategic planner for Dean Witter, Discover & Co. and spearheaded the creation of the first Dean Witter Website and Discover Card Website.

7. Our company has operated on every technology from 56K modems to wireless broadband.

8. SVM’s first website looked like this:

Old Website

9. Since SVM is in New Jersey, we have access to some of the most delicious bagels. Some of the best mornings start with breakfast from Hot Bagels in Red Bank.

10. Work/Life balance is just as important to us as producing results. It is for this reason that we have implemented summer Friday hours between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend so our team can enjoy extended weekends at the Jersey Shore.

11. Our office looks like a mini Google HQ in the heart of Red Bank.

12. Our first office was a PO Box in Princeton, NJ.

13. SVM runs on Dunkin’! We are a big fan of their iced teas, breakfast sandwiches and we have Dunkin’ Donuts Vanilla and Regular Coffee K-Cups for our whole office to enjoy.

14. Our office is located above Monmouth Street Emporium, one of the many antique shops in Red Bank.

15. The SVM team meets every Tuesday morning for our own “Sprint” meeting where we share a tip of the week and discuss our clients’ needs and priorities, as well as our own.

16. We love making a difference in society by volunteering and making charitable donations to nonprofit organizations. Every year, around the holidays, we donate to local schools via DonorsChoose.org. Last year, we also put together 17 shoeboxes for Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child. These boxes went to Rwanda and made lots of little girls and boys very happy! We look forward to being able to make a difference in these kids’ lives again this year.

17. We have Workout Wednesday once a month where we wear gym clothes to the office and engage in some type of physical activity during our lunch break.

18. SVM was founded 3 years before Google, and a just few short months after Yahoo!

19. We love incorporating team-bonding activities into our agenda! Here we are at Pinot’s Palette for a group painting session:


20. Red Bank, where our office is located, has some of the most impressive places to eat in New Jersey and we take full advantage of it. Some of our all-time favorites are Teak, Bistro, Birravino and Pazzo.

21. Here at SVM we like to come up with our own holidays, Dip Day being one of them. We all bring in our favorite dip of choice for everyone to try and share.

22. Since food is so important to us, it is only right our last fact is about the one divide in our office… Nacho Cheese Doritos vs Cool Ranch Doritos. The results were a dead tie: half preferred Nacho Cheese while the other half preferred Cool Ranch. We even involved our clients and followers to settle the score. Read our blog post to find out which flavor was the favorite!