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online marketing best practices

About a year ago, I adopted two changes that have made a big difference in my daily routine.  I'd like to share them here, in hope that they can do the same for you.  They're also quite applicable to online marketing, as you'll see how at the end of this post.

b2b online marketing strategy

Your b2b website can be completely optimized, but all of those online marketing efforts cannot help you if your homepage doesn’t effectively communicate the key benefits and information customers need to push them to convert. Learn 5 essential elements that make up a successful homepage.

PPC marketing strategy

Pay-per-click marketing is a proven method to get your company in front of targeted customers when they are actively searching for your products or services on Google. Follow these 9 easy steps to build a solid PPC Campaign with guaranteed results.

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From Our Clients

“We realized our Website had become more Supplier-focused than Customer-focused.  Bob’s presentation made us sit back and think about its effectiveness and try to view it from the eyes of our customer.”

— Jon Eames, N. H. Bragg