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5 Things I've Learned From Working at SVM So Far

July 1st will officially mark one month since I have been an intern at SVM E-Marketing Solutions! Although that may appear to be a short amount of time, SVM’s dynamic learning environment has allowed me to acquire a new toolbox filled with e-marketing strategies. During my first month, there have been many things that stuck out to me about not only working for online marketing, but about working for SVM.


 1. it is important to get to know your clients as best as possible:

To do this I felt that spending time researching what each client does and asking account coordinators about what services SVM provides for each client was most beneficial. Even as an intern, I spend a lot of time helping creating content and putting together online marketing recommendations for them. It would be impossible to do if I didn’t understand the client’s services, products, audience and overall strategy.


2. There are excellent resources to help track online marketing strategies:

From not having much prior knowledge on Google Analytics, AdWords, or AdTrax, to then utilizing these technology every day, I have learned how useful its data is for businesses. If your business uses online sources as a part of its marketing tactics, why wouldn’t you want to track your progress and ROI? These resources can help refine your marketing strategies and increase profits.


3. Learn e-marketing terminology and use it as a part of your everyday-work language:

Before interning at SVM the terms “conversions” and “pay-per-click” were of no significance to me. Now, I can’t go a day without using them. In order to do my work properly and effectively, I had to get up to speed on understanding what many terms meant and implementing them in my tasks.

4. Working as a team leads to great results:

Here at SVM, we truly work as a team. Our open- office setting allows for easy, casual conversation and provides a sense of comfort to freely ask questions and opinions. Because I was unfamiliar with many of our processes, my co-workers patiently and willingly teach me everything I need to produce great work. I have also witnessed active brainstorming sessions that concluded in new strategies being implemented to improve our office operations and benefit our clients.

5. SVM employees are always hungry:

Not only are we hungry for the delicious veggie chips stocked in the snack cabinet, we are hungry to learn and produce results. We learn from one another by revising each other’s work or seeking second and third opinions. The SVM team is constantly educating themselves on different digital marketing strategies to use for our clients or seeking training sessions for the different platforms we use all with the same end result in mind: to produce bottom-line results for our clients.


If I have already learned this much about SVM and online marketing in only a month’s time, I am enthused to see everything else I will become familiar with for the duration of my internship.


About this guest blogger:

Jaclyn Finger is a rising senior at Rutgers University studying communications with a minor in digital communication, information, and media. She is currently one of SVM’s summer interns coming from Holmdel, NJ. She has a strong passion for writing and is eager to grow in the marketing field. 

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