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b2b soci

The idea that only B2C companies can benefit from social media marketing is a common myth. Discover the powerful benefits that social media marketing can bring to your B2B company. 

PPC marketing strategy

A PPC account manager should check an account frequently to ensure a campaign is running smoothly and the budget is used efficiently. Learn how to execute a quick PPC account check-in. 

Content creation solutions

User generated content can improve your content and content creation process in numerous ways, including saving resources and better engaging customers. Learn more about user generated content and what it can mean for your business.

b2b content marketing

Don't let a case of writer's block stop you from creating results-focused online marketing content.  Here are five ways to help yourself get unstuck for more leads and sales.

pay per click marketing strategy

Pay-per-click is like being in a constant war with your competitors. However, there is one way to help increase the click-through-rate (CTR) of your pay-per-click ads: extensions. Learn about 4 top ad extensions and a new extension coming out soon!

search engine marketing

Google is creating a mobile index for mobile Google searches.  Currently, Google only has one index for both mobile and desktop searches.  Make sure your site is ready for the new index and won't loose any traffic.


Knowing exactly how to get your target audience engaged in your online marketing initiatives can be a tricky endeavor. Learn how A/B Split Testing across your online marketing initiatives can help you start producing content that will keep your audience engaged! 

b2b marketing communications

Basecamp (our project management software) is a pretty intuitive tool, but sometimes it takes a little bit of effort to get messages in there.  Here's why it is so important to us at SVM.

b2b website marketing

While hard to sometimes avoid, duplicate pages on a website can have serious negative impacts on how your website is viewed by search engines. Learn 3 ways to get rid of duplicate pages.

local online marketing strategy

If your B2B business only sells or services to a specific region, it is important to have a local online marketing strategy in place so that you aren't attracting customers outside your audience. Read 4 ways to improve your local online marketing strategy.

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