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How to Generate Leads and Increase Conversion Rates with Popup Opt-In Forms

How to Generate Leads

Increasing your B2B company’s leads and conversion rates begins with well-crafted popup opt-in forms. However, not all popup forms are created equal. Although there are many different types of popup opt-in forms to choose from, not all of them are equally effective. The goal is to not annoy your audience, but rather to increase your leads and conversions.

When implementing popup opt-in forms, ask yourself these 3 questions to ensure a higher conversion rate and generate B2B leads:

1. How are people engaging with my website?

Be sure to keep the user experience in mind when implementing pop-ups on specific landing pages. Determine what the best style of popup is for each individual scenario. For example, on a blog post, it may be ideal to use a scrolling popup that appears when the reader scrolls half way down.

Additionally, timed popups can offer success when done correctly. Consider data from Google Analytics when determining the appropriate time for a popup to appear. Metrics such as bounce rate and average time spent on pages can indicate the ideal time to show a popup on the page.

2. What should my popup say?

The message of your popup should always be relevant to what that person is searching for/reading about. If the offer is unclear, the reader will most likely lose interest and exit the popup right away. Keep it simple and provide the reader with the key details of what the popup offers and how they can benefit from it.

Aim to develop a message that is:

  • Specific- Tell your reader exactly what they will receive in exchange for their information. People are more likely to ignore an offer that is vague or unclear.
  • Actionable- Use language that is actionable and includes a clear call to action. When the visitor knows exactly what you want them to do, they will feel more inspired to take that action.
  • Human- Make it clear there is a real person behind the popup. Nobody likes to feel like they are talking to a robot. Use the same language as your audience, sound natural and be friendly.

3. What’s the big picture?

Your popup should be consistent with the overall goal of your site. The design and content of your form should closely match your website and the products/services you offer to successfully generate leads and increase conversion rates. Be sure to keep in mind other factors that also contribute to the bigger picture, such as:

  • Encourage word-of-mouth traffic by always keeping existing subscribers and customers happy
  • Attract paid traffic to the website with advertisements
  • Include plenty of email subscription forms throughout your site to make it easier for visitors to subscribe to your emails

3 things to avoid at the risk of losing the reader’s interest:

  1. Don’t bombard them with multiple popups - one per visit is sufficient.
  2. Don’t ask too many questions - the length of the form should match the value of the offer.
  3. Don’t make it difficult/tricky to exit the popup – if they want to leave, let them.

To ensure the best performance of a popup, remember to ask yourself how people are engaging, what the message should say, and what the big picture is. Popups are often assumed to be bothersome, however when they are relevant and valuable to the reader, they can greatly benefit you, your business, and your audience.

Interested in learning how else you can generate leads?

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