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Meet RankBrain: Google’s Newest Algorithm Signal

Google is using a machine-learning artificial intelligence system, called RankBrain, to deliver even more meaningful search results.

RankBrain is one of the “hundreds” of signals used in Google’s algorithm used to display relevant results to searchers’ queries. The system deals with about 15% of queries that have never been seen before, with 80% accuracy, making it the 3rd most-important signal contributing to the search queries. The first two most-important signals are still unknown.

Machine-learning artificial intelligence allows this system to teach itself how to do something and continues to acquire knowledge building on what it already knows and making connections. For example, if RankBrain see a word or phrase that it is not familiar with, the computer is able to make a guess based on past results and is able to filter results accordingly. This allows searchers which ambiguous queries, like, “What is the name of the main character of the show that is on CBS at 9pm on Wednesdays”

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