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UGC: The Answer to Content Creation Problems

A part of the online marketing family of acronyms is UGC, or user generated content. This content type is great for building an online presence, and it’s perfect for B2B marketing. Say goodbye to stressful content creation processes and hello to easy-breezy, well-received content.

What is UGC?

Video User Generated Content

UGC refers to content created by customers that centers around a business’s products or services. The business uses this content to advertise to other customers and potential customers. Whether you’re trying to dominate social media, build a blog, or entice visitors to spend time on your website, UGC is a very helpful and impactful content type, especially for B2B companies. Examples of online UGC include:

  • Testimonials
  • Blog posts  and articles
  • Videos and images
  • Comments

In the consumer world, a well-known UGC example is Starbucks’ invitation for customers to decorate their white coffee cups and then share images of the cups on social media using a hashtag. These cups and pictures became vivid, fun, and discussion-worthy content to advertise Starbucks, with little effort from Starbucks itself. B2B companies can run “fun” creative campaigns like this as well that encourage brand engagement.

Why UGC?

UGC is meant to ignite or foster relationships between a business and customer. It offers several benefits, including:

Engagement: UGC naturally sparks customers to engage with each other and your company
Relatability: This type of content offers customers information from peers that is accepted as trustworthy, accurate, and reliable
Savings: Although UGC still requires planning and organization, it shouldn’t require the same amount of resources as internal content creation. It saves money, time, and energy, while putting less pressure on your content team
Trust: Exposing customers' experiences with your company to potential cusotmers opens the door to trust, and businesses want to work with businesses they trust

Where Should UGC be Incorporated?

UGC can be featured in numerous places, and online it’s perfect for:

  • Social media platforms
  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • Advertisements

Marketing is designed to reach people’s emotions. Through its authenticity, UGC can touch on a myriad of customer emotions, and lead to more business. Take some pressure off your content creators and compliment your online marketing efforts with some UGC.

If you have any questions about UGC or B2B online marketing, feel free to Ask Us a Question.

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