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Why Your Business Should Join the Google+ "Ghost Town"

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Google+ remains an afterthought to the social media monsters such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and even Pintrest. Google+ has had major issues gaining a mass following since it's start in 2012 but there are still major benefits to creating a company page and being active in this space.

The fact that Google+ is not currently as big a hit as the others actually gives you even more incentive to join now. Let me explain.

Google Is everywhere

Will Google+ ever replace Facebook the way Facebook replaced MySpace? No one can be sure, but it is possible.

If I had to pick one platform that could overtake the social media crown from Facebook I would put my money on Google. People use Google for everything else, why not social? Google has become the norm for web searches (Hey! Google it). They are also the king of:

  • Email (poor AOL)
  • Maps (sorry MapQuest)
  • Videos (YouTube was a pretty good buy)
  • Plenty of other ventures poised to take over

As history often repeats itself, Google+ is in line to give Facebook and all other social media platforms a run for their money. Who knows, one day in the near future you could be sitting in your self driving google car and updating your Google+ profile from your Google Glasses for billions of users to see.

"No Body Else Is Doing"

Google+ still gets viewed by individuals and people in the industry as a ghost town. Here are some number's about the little town of Google+.

In October 2013 Google reported:

  • 300 million users were active on Google+ on a monthly basis.
  • 1.5 billion photos were uploaded a week.

These are the most up to date visitor numbers that Google has provided but it is expected that they have grown exponentially since then. These numbers are still miniscule to those that Facebook boasts and the interaction is not as plentiful but it is something that should not be ignored. Any community with 300 million people is pretty happening so join the so-called ghost town and see whats going on for yourself.

Google Offers a Little SEO Incentive

Google+ knows they are David and Facebook is Goliath in this social battle. They are vastly undersized in terms of users and the amount of time and exposure they receive. But Google has an SEO friendly stone that they have hurled at Facebook.

There is no magical arithmatic that if you have a Google+ Business page, post once a day and have 100 followers that you will make it on to Google's first page of search results. On the other hand it is extremely obvious that Google is thanking those companies who are using Google+ regularly and interacting with a little SEO perk.

Google+ content is treated like all other content on the web. It is crawled and indexed by Google's search engines and can gain page rank and search engine positioning. No other social media content gets this special treatment. Think it's a coincidence?

Not only do your posts on Google+ have the opportunity to rank on search results they also provide link juice for the website that is connected to the account. Link juice is the positive ranking factors that help determine where you rank on search results. The more juice, the better the position.

If this is not enough a verified Google+ Company page can:

  • easily incorporate a Google Authorship tag in search results to help standout and increase positive SEO effects further.
  • create a knowledge graph for your company to add credibilty and let users find information quicker.
  • vastly improve upon your social signals in ways Facebook and Twitter can not.


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