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Nurture Relationships

Ideally, prospective customers who visit your website will convert to paying customers immediately.

But that doesn't always happen.

The reality is that prospective customers will come to your website at all different stages of the buying process.  Some may be ready to buy, while others might be ready to request a quote. Still others may only be ready to ask a preliminary question or sign up for a newsletter.
That's where the Nurture part of the Online Marketing Machine comes in.  Instead of neglecting early stage customers, nurturing on a regular basis helps you provide value and gives customers a reason to continue on the path of doing business with you.

Strengthen Relationships with Current and Past Customers

Nurturing efforts can also help you build relationships with current and past customers.  By staying in touch with them on social media and providing valuable content via email and other channels, you can stay top-of-mind and provide customer service.  The bottom-line impact will be undeniable.

Nurture Prospects to Move Them Through the Sales Funnel

nurture b2b relationships

Depending on your business needs, this can include:

The beauty of nurturing is that it helps prevent waste: your Online Marketing Machine works hard to bring prospective customers to your website.  With nurturing, you don't lose out building relationships with early stage buyers.

And finally, we've made it to the last (and perhaps most valuable) part of the Online Marketing Machine: Measurement.  Learn more>>