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Request a Free Consultation

Is your Website helping or hurting your business?  Is your Website…

  • Being found by prospects on search engines?
  • Generating a steady stream of leads and sales?
  • A valuable educational resource for customers?
  • Your most powerful marketing tool?
  • Producing results you can take to the bank?

SVM’s Online Marketing Diagnostic consulting service is a personalized consulting service that will provide you with specific recommendations on how your Website, search engine ranking, social media presence and email marketing activities can be improved to produce bottom-line results for your company.  You will receive a custom analysis and diagnostic detailing your strengths, weaknesses and specific recommendations on how to improve, as well as a 60 minute Web conference to review these recommendations in detail.

Specific deliverables of this service:

  • Your company’s Online Marketing Strength Score™ 
  • A custom Online Marketing Analysis and Diagnostic detailing your strengths & weaknesses
  • Specific recommendations on how to improve your online marketing results
  • A 60-minute consulting call to review your analysis & answer your questions

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