Content Marketing

Do you need help creating quality blog posts, articles, whitepapers, guides, case studies, infographics or other content for your Website and inbound marketing campaigns?   Are you having difficulty finding the time and talent to get it done?  Then SVM’s Customer-focused Content Marketing Service is what you need to be an online marketing success.

It can be a challenge for businesses to consistently create compelling and valuable content on a regular basis to meet their online marketing goals. SVM is known for creating relevant and interesting content for our customers with a flair for creativity and professionalism. Our team will work with you to brainstorm, create and promote content designed to attract qualified prospects to your Website. We do this by following our proven content marketing creation process, which includes:

Initial Content Marketing Services:

  • Target Audience Discovery: SVM will work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your target customers so we can answer the following questions:  Who is your ideal buyer?  What is their need?  How do you solve that problem?  What is your unique value proposition?
  • Content Mapping: SVM will work with you to identify the key questions your target audiences have at each stage of the buying process.  Then we will identify what content each of your target audiences will need at each stage of the buying process.
  • Editorial Calendar Creation: SVM will work with you to establish an editorial calendar to manage the creation of all content based on the content mapping.  This calendar will address all facets of content creation and distribution, including content types, topics, task assignments, keywords, due dates, distribution channels and publication dates.  Your editorial calendar will be expanded every three months to always reflect a 12 month cycle.

Ongoing Content Marketing Services:

  • Expert Interviews:  To get the “raw meat” that we need to create compelling content, SVM will interview your internal subject matter experts.  These interviews are brief and efficient allowing us to extract the essential information we need, while minimizing your expert’s time commitment.
  • Content Creation:  Leveraging the insight gained during our expert interviews, SVM will create the desired piece of content.  After we complete a polished draft, we will share the piece with you and your expert for review and feedback.  Leveraging any feedback provided, we will revise the piece as necessary to create the final draft.
  • Content Publishing & Distribution:  Once each piece of content is completed and ready for release, SVM will work with you to publish and distribute the content on your Website and social media channels.