Email Marketing

Email marketing with a monthly e-newsletter offers you an opportunity to build an ongoing, interactive dialogue with your customers and prospects on a measurable, cost-efficient basis.  Not only can an e-newsletter demonstrate value to your customers, but also it can change your customers’ perception of your business.  By sending timely articles that solve current business problems, you show your customers that you understand them and their needs.  This repeatedly reinforces their importance to you and builds their trust in your company.

You must produce an email newsletter if any of the following apply to your company:

  • You rely on repeat customers
  • Your prospects are not ready to buy right now
  • You can benefit from referral business
  • You have valuable information to share
  • You want your customers to view you as a partner  

SVM will make email marketing understandable and help you create a results-focused plan that will nurture relationships with customers and generate repeat Website visits.

SVM’s proven approach to email marketing success includes:


Strategic Planning

To be successful with email marketing, it is essential for you to develop a sound and comprehensive email marketing strategy.  SVM will help you define the goals for your email marketing campaign, identifying how email marketing will tie into your overall marketing strategy.
Then, we’ll define your target audiences, identify their needs and motivations and highlight how your email newsletter can serve these needs.
Next, we’ll review your top competitors to gain an understanding of how they are using email marketing.
Finally, we will identify specific, quantifiable goals and benchmarks to allow you to measure the success of your email marketing campaign.

Email List Building

The key to an effective email newsletter lies in a notion known as “permission marketing.”  Your email newsletter should build goodwill with your customers and prospects, not annoy them.  Therefore, you need to obtain permission from your customers and prospects before adding them to your email marketing mailing list.
SVM will help you define a process so you can continually build your list leveraging proven online and offline techniques.

Customer-focused Content Creation

Your email newsletter is not for you – it’s for your customers. You need to focus less on your company and more on the issues and ideas your customers and prospects are interested in. SVM will help you create articles that focus on “how to” tips, best practices and actionable strategies.  Our favorite topics for customer-focused email newsletter articles include:

  • Problems and solutions — Common problems that your customers face and provide ideas on how to solve them.
  • Lists and tips — Actionable lists and tips with titles that begin like “Seven Steps to…” or “The Top Five Ways to…”
  • Technological developments — How your customers can take advantage of recent technological developments to be more effective.
  • Industry news and trends — New developments in your industry that your customers can take advantage of.
  • Case studies — How others have improved their operations, including actionable details your customers can put to work to produce results.

Even though the focus of your email newsletter is to educate customers and prospects, we will take advantage of opportunities to present relevant offers to generate leads and sales, and encourage Website visits.

Email Design & Delivery

Once you have great content to send out to your readers, you need to make sure to create a compelling design for your email newsletter that is sure to be opened by your readers.
From email newsletter design expertise, to insights on how and when to send your messages to maximize exposure, the SVM team will make sure your email newsletter is a success.

Measure Email Marketing Success

SVM will track and analyze the key metrics to measure the success of your email marketing campaign to prove our current success and improve our future success.

In addition to looking at these statistics after each email message is sent, we will compare the statistics of each email newsletter issue to determine the content and offers that your readers are responding to.  We will use this information to improve your future email newsletters.