Results Measurement & Analysis

Marketing is fast becoming a results-driven discipline. Gone are the days when an industrial marketer can execute a campaign without tying it back to bottom-line results.

No longer can you rely purely on gut feel and intuition. ROI needs to be as fundamental an ingredient in marketing as it is in finance, sales, R&D or any other strategic department in your company.

Marketing Analytics

Well beyond basic Website statistics, SVM’s Marketing Analytics service will help you measure what matters to improve your online and offline marketing effectiveness. Specifically, we can help you answer the following questions:

  • What is the ROI for all of my online and offline marketing programs?
  • Which marketing campaigns are generating the most leads?
  • Where are my most profitable Website visitors coming from?
  • How can my Website convert more visitors into leads?
  • Why do so many people leave my Website without doing what I want?
  • What Website content are my prospects and customers most interested in?
  • Are there elements of my Website that are turning customers away?

This essential service will help you accurately measure the bottom-line impact your Website and other online marketing activities are having on your business.