Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing will get you in front of motivated customers when they are actively searching for your products and services on Google and other search engines. But how do you take advantage of search engine marketing to outshine your competition?

SVM will make search engine marketing understandable and provide you with a results-focused strategy that will help you attract a steady stream of new customers to your Website.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Organic search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the ongoing process of making your Website’s pages attractive to search engines. The better optimized your Website is the higher a ranking it will achieve in the organic, or “natural” search engine results. Approximately 75% of searchers prefer to click on the organic results.

Pay-per-click Advertising

With Pay-per-click Advertising, also known as PPC, you pay a pre-determined amount to have a text-based ad listed in the paid search results. However, unlike traditional advertising, you will only be charged when a searcher clicks on your ad and visits your Website, regardless of how often the listing is displayed. The more you agree to pay per click, the higher your site will rank in the paid results – managed through a 24×7 online bidding process. Approximately 25% of searchers will click on the paid search results if they are relevant.

SVM’s proven approach to search engine marketing success includes:


Strategic Planning

All too often, companies dive into search engine marketing without a coherent strategy. We’ll make sure you don’t fall into this trap. We’ll get off on the right foot by thoroughly defining your target audiences, identifying their needs and motivations and highlighting how your products and services can serve these needs.

Next, we’ll review your company’s position in the marketplace, identifying your top competitors and your company’s competitive advantage. Finally, we will help you identify specific goals and benchmarks, such as search rankings, Website traffic increases, sales lead volume and other ROI metrics, to allow us to measure the success of your search engine marketing campaign.

Keyword Research

The most critical step in search engine marketing is to strategically select the most relevant keyword phrases for your company. If you do not preform this step properly, your search engine marketing campaign is destined for failure. When choosing the best keyword phrases, it is important to choose phrases that are not only relevant to your business, but also ones that are searched most often by your customers.

There is an art and science to this process. It begins with a creative brainstorming process where we will help all your customer-facing team members get inside the heads of your customers and brainstorm about potential terms they use when thinking about your products and services. Then, we’ll turn to the science part of the process and compare your brainstoring list to actual search volume leveraging a variety of keyword research tools.

The result of this process will be a list of highly searched terms that will drive targeted traffic to your Website.

Website Optimization

Once we know your most relevant keywords, it’s time to put them to work. We need to make sure your Website content is optimized to take advantage of these important phrases. We’ll begin with your Website copy — the text-based information people can read on your Website. We will skillfully write your Website copy to effectively market your company, while using your relevant keyword phrases in a relevant fashion.

Then, focus on your Website structure – the code under the hood of your Website that search engines see when they visit your site. We will use your keyword phrases relevantly in page title tags, heading tags, directory names, file names, alt tags, meta tags and other important coding elements.

Link Building

Link building is the most impactful, and most neglected, search engine optimization strategy. Link building involves gaining links to your Website from other Websites that are frequented by your targeted visitors and are important in your industry. The more quality inbound links you have, the more popular your Website is in the eyes of Google and other engines. And, these links can have a dramatic effect on your search ranking.

Link building is very similar to public relations — it needs a consistent, focused campaign to be successful.Our team will manage your ongoing link building campaign to help you link your way to the top of the google results.

Pay-per-click Ad Management

The key to pay-per-click advertising is to make sure you are running a results-focused campaign that tracks your return on investment (ROI). If it is managed properly, you can think of it more as a financial model than an advertising model. You are paying for specific visits to your Website that will result in leads and sales.

SVM will run a result-focused pay-per-click advertising campaign for you — attracting the largest possible audience for the lowest possible price.

Measure Search Engine Marketing Success

To ensure your search engine marketing campaign is a success, you must measure your efforts to see how well you are currently performing, as well as identify actionable strategies to improve your results in the future.

SVM will continually monitor and analysize your search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising campaigns to ensure they are producing business-building results.