Customer-focused Website Creation

This may sound like a ridiculous statement, but all too often, companies do not design their Website for their customers.  Rather, they take an egocentric approach to Web design, more interested in talking about themselves instead of serving their customers’ needs.  If your Website does not serve your customers, then it’s not serving you either.

To be successful online, your Website needs to:

  • Speak directly to each member of your target audience
  • Provide content and features that address your customers’ needs
  • Educate and build trust
  • Persuade visitors to take action
  • Make it easy for customers to do business with you

Since 1995, SVM has been creating customer-focused Websites that generate leads, increase sales and produce profitable long-term customers. We will guide you through the process of creating an effective Website and that will produce measurable business results.

SVM’s Website creation process consists of the following five phases:


Strategic Planning

An effective Website can help you achieve a number of business goals, such as generating leads, building a marketing database, enhancing customer service and selling online. However, to produce results online, you must make sure you align your Website objectives with your overall marketing and business objectives.
SVM’s Strategic Planning Process will guide you through the process of considering the key strategic, creative and technical issues that will ensure your new customer-focused Website is a success.
The result of this phase will be a strategic plan that will serve as the roadmap for your Website creation process.

Architecture & Design

With the Website strategy in place, our experts will focus their attention on creating the site architecture and complete design direction for the new Website.
The site architectural strategy will provide a thorough plan for content organization and user navigation for the new Website.  The strategy will ensure that your Website is scalable, allowing the site to iterate and evolve over time.
In addition, we will create a compelling customer-focused design for your new Website.  The design will be created to appeal to your distinct target audiences, and present a professional image that complements your brand identity.

Website Production

The Website production phase is when your new site comes alive! We will begin by developing a series of prototypes to demonstrate the functionality of key sections of your new Website. These prototypes will serve as a tool to present the interactive details of all major functional elements without any back-end applications powering the features.
After the prototypes, SVM will program all aspects of your new Website. Often our sites are powered by content management sytems like Drupal or WordPress to ensure your site is dynamic and easy to update. If you are looking to sell online, we will power your Website with a best of breed content management system.
At various stages of the production process, we will perform a comprehensive set of quality assurance procedures to thoroughly test your Website to ensure the it functions flawlessly.

Training & Launch

After your customer-focused Website is fully produced and tested, it is ready for launch. SVM will provide your team with training on how to easily manage your Website, including content management, lead management and online order management.
In addition, SVM will prepare your Website on our production hosting environment for launch to your customers.

Site Evolution & Success Measurement

Once your Website is launched, we only completed the first step. Your Website needs to continually evolve to effectively serve as a business-building tool.
To help you ensure the new Website is an online marketing success, SVM will serve as your strategic partner to help you achieve your online marketing goals.
At SVM, we differentiate ourselves from other agencies through our results-focused approach to marketing. Through our ongoing consulting and analysis, we make it our mission to ensure that all of your marketing initiatives continue to yield a substantial return on your initial investment. And, we guarantee it!